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  From 29 to 31 July 2020, the three-day International Beauty Expo concluded in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, where Oriental Beauty Valley, the capital of China's cosmetics industry, joined hands with Hangzhou Bulgari Biotechnology, 2000 participating brand enterprises and more than 100 industry media to jointly focus on the development of new Beauty industry under the epidemic. Bulgari lipstick OEM, cosmetics OEM OEM project received the attention of the majority of exhibitors.


  This time, hangzhou Bulgari Biological exhibition area will display core makeup OEM products with independent scientific research, anti-aging skin care products and other two major efficacy categories, as well as a complete set of plant pure skin care series and characteristic beauty makeup core products under the independent brand. Skin care products cover sensitive muscle treatment plate, light medical beauty professional line plate, high-end cell anti-aging beauty plate, attracting the attention of professional customers and institutions and other insiders.


  During bulgari's careful preparation and display of the exhibits, through the interaction and feedback between the brand owners and the exhibitors, we can feel that the market has formed a new trend towards sensitive skin repair.


  Haze, staying up late and working overtime, life pressure, anxiety, excessive skin care, excessive make-up and irritant food make the skin more and more sensitive. When cells are damaged, repair and regeneration ability decline, it will be manifested as various skin problems. "Sensitive muscle" becomes contemporary people's primary skin problem. This is also the reason for the increasing number of sensitive muscle groups in China. According to the Chinese Journal of Dermatology, Consensus among Chinese Experts on The Diagnosis and Treatment of Sensitive Skin, 40 to 56 percent of Asian women have sensitive muscles. In Our country, about 36% of women have trouble with sensitive muscles, that is to say, every 3 women in 1 is sensitive muscles!


  The concept of "sensitive skin repair" has gradually moved to the center of the storm in a niche market. Compared with other skin markets, the high growth of the sensitive muscle market, seasonal attributes and the expansion of consumer demand make the sensitive muscle care become the new blue sea of skin care.


  According to the data, domestic women have higher and higher requirements for skin care products, and their attention to the natural ingredients of products is consistent with the sensitivity of skin. When women with sensitive muscles choose cosmetics, they are most concerned about the repair function of the product to the skin, as well as whether the ingredients are natural, mild and non-irritating. At the same time, 53 percent of respondents believe that natural ingredients in anti-allergic skin care products account for more than 60 percent.


  Soothing the sensitive skin is the primary feature of repair and anti-sensitive skin care products, and the experience of gentle and gentle moisturizing skin is also an essential factor. In addition, repairing skin barrier, moisturizing deeply, and improving endurance are the head characteristics that sensitive muscle users think anti-sensitive skin care products need to have.


  Hangzhou Bulgari has been committed to the research and development of technology based on the ability of skin cells to regulate, repair and defend the barrier, so as to improve and enhance the driving force of skin activity. Enhance the protection and regulation ability of skin cells, and devote to alleviating or solving skin problems from the source. At the same time, we have established the joint technology research and development Center with many well-known technical research institutions in Shanghai to carry out strategic technical cooperation. The high-end cell anti-aging and beauty plate exhibited in this exhibition is just the tuyere to deal with the new blue sea of sensitive skin!


  In addition to the successful use of sensitivity repair and anti-aging, Bulgari's r & D team is also carrying out a timely study on the freckle removal and whitening effect of products, committed to the beauty of the majority of consumers! Hangzhou Bulgari Biotechnology - cosmetics, skin care OEM&ODM one-stop service!